The Tech Room’s websites bring in more bucks

The Tech Room’s websites bring in more bucks

It takes experience and a certain know-how to establish and configure a website that targets your potential clients specifically and geographically above, beyond and including what I call the “blanket” SEO methods which most experts employ.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Blanket SEO is a good start for most online startup businesses who have yet to find or are still defining their market.  But if you’ve been around for a while and you know your clients, we can target them and those like them, explicitly.

The Tech Room has developed our own SEO methods tailored specifically for small and local businesses. Our custom SEO perfectly suits small to medium business that previously thought that they had no need for a website.  If you think your business is too small or too localised for a decent interactive website, think again.  Contact me now for a free, obligation free, consultation on what website system will work for you – act now and increase your reach to clients!  We believe that a website is not just another expense, it should actively drive business to you, not passively sit waiting to be found.

What makes us stand out over our competition is that we can create the whole website from concept to deployment much cheaper and faster by using custom open source functions and plug-ins that are proven to be reliable as compared to most IT companies who employ overseas contractors to do custom coding and charge you a fortune while using unethically cheap labour.  We can compete because we use quality open source code where ever possible and we simply love what we do.  We’re  passionate about what we do, so we natuarally go the extra mile to make it just right – often better, than specified.  All our clients attest to our reliable ongoing support.

With SEO provided by The Tech Room and only a couple of hours per month, your site will generate income by driving more clients to the physical store front and capture the (increasing) few percent who shop online by clever use of local “online only” promotions, email newsletters, and super specials.  Managed correctly, these ‘online only’ extra special offers encourage localised word of mouth, email & social networking to spread the word and drive clients to your door.  From there on, it is up to your quality of service and products to perform well to encourage repeat sales. Our websites can be maintained by anyone with just a few hours of training also provided by The Tech Room.

For a limited time, we are offering free FaceBook page plugins that automtically link your website to Facebook. So, this means you get a free Facebook like panel on your website and automatic posting of you articles to your facebook page. Twitter and other social websites can be added by request.

Check out for a great example of how WordPress can be used as a very effective CMS for a local business.  Also check out for another business that has had a huge impact on sales since going online.


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