Virus Removal

There is no Magic Wand for Virus Removal

There are many supposed IT professionals who claim to be able to remove viruses cheap and on site.  It is true that they may be able to remove some infections quickly but often there are viruses and malware left behind

The Tech Room uses multiple scanners and removal tools that take many hours to completely disinfect your computer.  That’s why we recommend you bring your computer to us to clean;  so you only get charged for the “hands on” time and not the many hours waiting for scanners to complete their tasks.


The Tech Room provides a thorough and professional virus removal service that TOTALLY removes all infections, guaranteed.  We also update and patch your system software completely to help prevent future infections.

Once virus free, we inspect and secure your internet, system security and firewall to your requirements.  You can rest assured that your system is returned to you with the maximum security possible for your peace of mind.

It’s this extra attention to detail that separates the professionals from the back-yard hackers.  At The Tech Room, we fix it right the first time.

After disinfecting and cleaning your system, we complete the deal with a FREE hardware inspection, de-dust and system tune-up to optimise your system to its full potential.  We also provide free backup maintenance advice.  All this from only $55 gst inc.

Don’t waste your time and money.  Get it fixed right the first time.  Call John at the Tech Room. Ph. 0411 646 405

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