Affordable Data Recovery Services

The Tech Room provides affordable data recovery services for your hard drives, memory sticks Cd & DVD and even digital cameras!


Affordable Data Recovery Services elephantDo not attempt to recover damaged or deleted data yourself.  The more attempts made, the more damage may occur.

In the past, data recovery services were a very expensive and time consuming task.  Here at the the Tech Room, we use the very latest technologies in data recovery.   Our affordable data recovery services fee start at $55.  If it will cost more, we will quote a price for you before going ahead.

The Tech Room provides professional data recovery services.  We can recover lost data from faulty hard drives, USB sticks, phones and camera memory cards whether damaged, formatted or erased!

We guarantee our work with a “if no data is recoverable – no fee charged” policy.  So you have nothing to lose!

To recover your precious data, Call John at the Tech Room  Ph. 0411 646 405

2 Responses to Affordable Data Recovery Services

  1. Carlie says:

    Hi, I am Rachel (your cousin) friend and you recently recovered lori and ollies harddrive data and was hoping you could help me!

    my exteral hard rive just wont read on the computer and is making a beeping sound. im so worried i have lost all my photos which i use for work.

    hopefully you can help me


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